Our objectives

The everyday rehearsal routines could be improved. All singers should attend rehearsals regularly, come in time, and study their voice parts also individually outside choir rehearsals. In addition, we hope that all singers attend weekend "camps".

Each voice section has a supervisor and a rehearsal lead. These persons are responsible for organising special training and rehearsals if necessary.

The number of singers is good, but from the vocal balance point of view, we could have more male singers.

Performances and repertoire

The repertoire of the choir will be challenging on a high level. In addition to this, we will perform in a few Sunday masses in Tampere.

Common objectives

Our common objectives are the following:

  • recruiting new male singers,
  • developing the musical tone of the choir,
  • participating actively in the choir activities (rehearsals, weekend camps, concerts) and taking care of choir activities,
  • intensifying weekend camps,
  • producing three concert programmes per year,
  • keeping the choir financially healthy, and
  • maintaining contacts to the city, the parishes as well as other choirs and music organisations.

Apart from performing regularly, we want to develop the choir to be more effective. This means that all singers should recognise and follow the common rules:

  • Attend rehearsals regularly.
    To be able to perform in concerts, you need to attend rehearsals regularly.
  • Come to the rehearsals in time.
    The rehearsals start with warming up at 6.00 PM.
    The warming up is an key part of the rehearsal, so be there!
  • If you cannot attend a rehearsal, contact your supervisor beforehand.
  • Learn your voice part in good time before performance.
    You should know your voice part after three rehearsal sessions.
    If necessary, the voice section supervisors are responsible for organising extra training in co-operation with the rehearsal lead.